Lefty Grove

“When I first recorded Lefty Grove, Paul said to me “so you know how some people have a drinking problem, or a cocaine problem? Well, Pat has an alien abduction problem” and that’s just about the best summary of this band that I can think of” – Logan Tichnor

From Chatham Massachusetts, Lefty Grove was formed in 2015 by Patrick Reynolds, Paul MacAllister, and Andrew Morris. in late 2018 they ventured into Logan Tichnor’s basement to record, emerging in 2019 with their debut album El Niño a slickly produced 30 minute jam punk sprint with Reynolds yelling about everything from getting banned from local bars, hating tourists, and the Plymouth county correctional facility.

The band fell into a creative rut during the Covid-19 pandemic, and Morris left to pursue other musical projects. Reynolds began writing on his own, and in late 2021 he called Tichnor to pitch the idea of recording a new album. The band signed to Safe Harbor Records, and in early 2022 began recording their second LP, Extraterrestrial Anxiety, at Checkpoint East Studios, with Tichnor once again producing the project. This time a more emotionally refined, and sonically raw album (still with plenty of alien references) was the result. The album released November 25th, 2022. – Safe Harbor Records