Nikki and the Barn Boys

This story begins in Barnstable, Massachusetts when two sets of brothers and longtime friends combined to form the Barn Boys; A Blues, Rock, Funk, and Reggae band led by multi-talented lead guitarist and singer Graham Hempstead. The Barn Boys created a unique and groovy rock and roll sound that was authentic and distinct to the area. Not long after the creation of “The Barn Boys,” Nikki came in. Nikki met the boys through a mutual friend and came to jam with them one day. They were blown away by her voice and energy, and after that, Nikki attended every jam session, forming “Nikki & the Barn Boys.” 

The band’s origins started far before the members knew of each other’s love for music. Twin brothers Thomas and John Bresette (rhythm and bass guitar) first met Liam Hempstead (Drummer) in the 3rd Grade when Liam moved into Barnstable Village. Years passed, and Liam and the Bresette brothers quickly became close friends. At the time, John and Thomas didn’t know how to play any instruments, yet Liam had been playing the drums since he was seven, and Graham (Liam’s older brother) had played the guitar since he was 6. In 2017, Graham began teaching Thomas guitar lessons. Though it started slow, Thomas practiced as much as he could, and by the end of the year, he took off with it. John soon followed and became determined to learn his instrument. By 2019 John had learned the bass, Thomas had drastically improved on the guitar, Liam got back into drumming, and Graham began hopping in on the younger boys’ jam sessions. Nikki had been singing in solo gigs around the Cape and learning the piano. As the group practiced more and more and developed chemistry, forming a band together became a reality.